Gravity Influencers by LEADIST

WHO WE ARE? Gravity is dedicated to influencers, everyday social media addicts, tastemaker spirits and creative minds who share their favourite brands and products through beautiful content with their community, from followers to family and friends. Gravity will help you manage your campaigns, in order to promote and represent your interests. WHAT WE DO FOR YOU? 1. Build a campaign strategy 2. Find relevant influencers 3. Contact influencers? 4. Manage your campaign 5. Develop your campaign reports 6. Competition analysis WHY SHOULD YOU WORK WITH GRAVITY? As influencer experts, we will be 100% dedicated to your campaigns: you will sign a lot more campaigns with higher tariffs, as we will promote you to our network and negotiate your contracts, while managing your campaigns. LEADIST is an online media agency specialized in performance media campaigns. We believe that every client is unique and, therefore, requires a custom-made program that answers his expectations and his needs. Partnering with you, our job will be to analyze all your conversion funnels and to give you advice on how to efficiently create value and promote your business via online performance media campaigns. We will manage your online campaigns and implement A/B testings, as well as develop new & innovative ways to generate results. We will conceptualize new methods to produce customer loyalty, increase your redemption rate and give your business more visibility and notoriety.