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In the world of business, visibility and networking are two key ingredients for success. With Smart Company’s support, Digital First is here to provide the right tools for tomorrow’s businesses.

Digital First puts an emphasis on uplifting young, smart and innovative companies.

That is why it is giving your start-up the opportunity to get more exposure.

First,  joining the start-up lab will allow you to :

  • –  gain more visibility 
  •   exchange hints with your peers
  • –  meet iconic businesses such as Amazon, Google, Tik Tok…ect.
  • –  pitch your ideas in front of a crowd of professionals
  •   encounter big compagnies’ executives.
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In addition, Digital first is introducing a new award : the Digital First’s Most Valuable Startups . This competition will reward the work of the most innovative, passionate and fearless start-ups created during these last years.

The winners will acquire the title of MVS and will be put in a specific position which will grant them three prizes:

  • 1st prize: a booth in a new location during the physical day of Digital on October 14th
  • 2nd prize: a speaker slot to present your project in front of the SMEs and large companies attending the event.
  • 3rd prize: Finally, an article in the magazine Inside and on .

In total, there will be 6 winners.

We are looking for young enterprises that will display innovative concepts and useful ideas that will provide helpful tools for other enterprises. There’s no time to waste, fill in the form to register to the Start-up lab and let your hustle do the rest.

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